Gaelic Nursery Language Links is a series of colourfully illustrated story books for parents to read to their children. The books are aimed at helping non-Gaelic-speaking parents learn basic Gaelic phrases of the sort used every day in Gaelic nursery schools, and have proved very popular with parents and nursery schools. Click on Contact us for more information on the books and how to order copies.
These free-to-view on-line versions of the books are designed to complement the Gaelic Nursery Language Links books by giving parents and children an alternative way to read the stories which allows them to hear the Gaelic phrases being spoken. The stories which go with the pictures and phrases are in the books. You don’t need to have the books to use these on-line versions – but we hope you will consider buying them in order to get the full benefit.
A' Chiad Latha
The First Day
Price £5.00
Latha Trang
A Busy Day
Price £5.00
Air Chuairt
On a Trip
Price £5.00
A-Staigh 's A-Muigh
Inside and Outside
Price £5.00
Aig na Bùthan
At the Shops
Price £5.00
Anns an Dùthaich
In the Country
Price £5.00
An Aibidil Annasach dealbh fada/wall frieze
Price £5.00
An Aibidil Annasach
The Quirky Alphabet
Price £7.99
Winner of the prize for Young Children's Book at the Royal National Mod 2004!
Brighten up your room with the fantastic new An Aibidil Annasach wall frieze (3.7 m long, in six sections). Suitable for home and school, the frieze is an ideal accompaniment to An Aibidil Annasach and will act as a colourful reminder of the Gaelic alphabet.

Click on Contact us for more information on these publications and how to order copies.

Dèan rannsachadh air litrichean na h-aibidil Gàidhlig tro An Aibidil Annasach. Le dealbhan àlainn a rinn Jo Allan, tha An Aibidil Annasach freagarrach airson na dachaidh agus na sgoile. Tha faclair cuideachail ann airson luchd-ionnsachaidh.

Explore the letters of the Gaelic alphabet with An Aibidil Annasach (The Quirky Alphabet). Beautifully illustrated by Jo Allan, An Aibidil Annasach is ideal for home and classroom use, and includes a glossary for learners.